Obsessed With “Drunk In Love” Lyrics





All Beyonce Stans around the world were more than excited when we got an extra special surprise from her, the release of her visual album ‘Beyonce’ on December 13th through iTunes. I was gagging because I was trying like a mad woman to get my iTunes to even work! How ironic was it that my iTunes wouldn’t let me purchase the album at all! There are 14 songs on the album and I definitely have my favorites. But for some reason we all took to one of her first singles, “Drunk In Love” featuring Jay Z. Now mind you, it’s Friday afternoon and I’m still KILLING myself because I couldn’t download the album and videos for whatever reason. So somebody on Facebook uploaded the Drunk In Love video so I’m like omg FINALLY I’m getting some action. The video comes on and it’s a black and white beach scene. Then she says, “I been drankin I been drankin”. So now my nosey ass is really listening because Beyonce doesn’t talk like that. So then the beat drops and I’m like OK this shit is BANGIN! This song is so subliminal, her word play is crazy and I think that’s why it’s stuck in our heads because we’re too busy trying to figure out what the hell she’s talking about..did you know what surfboard meant? Because I didn’t! I was like why does she want to put a surfboard in her bathtub it won’t fit!! So after that got figured out we wanted to know what “Graining on that wood” meant, ok, that means doing it on a wood floor, got that one. So then the topic of what does she mean when she says “I been drankin watermelon..” now here’s where the debate came in at and I’ve heard a couple different meanings. Watermelon has seeds in it, right? So could that mean Bey is speaking on Jay’s seeds as in she’s performing oral sex? I’m gagging because I don’t want to think of her doing that she was in pageants when she was little! Or could watermelon mean the flavor of her vodka? Like a watermelon martini? That could very well be possible, I mean the song is called Drunk In Love maybe she got drunk off the martini and fell in love you know people start to look cute when you’re drunk. And the last conclusion I’ve heard is that watermelon is referring to her drinking syrup using watermelon flavored Jolly Ranchers, and this is the one I’m riding with and let me tell you why. She’s from Houston and syrup is common down there, and remember I said this song is very subliminal so after she says she’s been drinking watermelon she said “I want your body right here Daddy i want you right now”…notice that that line has sort of an echo to it, like its slower, like she’s in a daze, which it what happens when you drink syrup it slows you down. Beyonce done got a little loose she probably down there sippin on sizzurp! I don’t think we will ever know for sure what she’s talking about and what’s even more sick is that we, her fans, even care! Don’t forget to catch her and Jay performing at the Grammy Awards!


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